Jeep! is where it all started!

As a Jeep owner I did what a lot of Jeep guys and Jeep girls do…. I joined a Jeep Club!! Upon joining the NEA Jeep Club which I only knew as a facebook group. I decided to take the laser that we owned in our phone repair shop and do something really cool! I made a Jeep Badge! Shortly after posting a photo in our facebook club page the president of the club contacted me to see if he could come check out these cool new badges. After a quick conversation and introduction to how it worked we took on the task of taking the existing NEA Jeep Club badges design and making it a reality in these nice metal badges to be displayed proudly on the side of all the Official NEA JEEP CLUB members, Jeeps. From there it began to grow quickly and people were wanting their own designs on our badges but not just for Jeeps! So, if you own a Jeep and want a cool badge, our badges are 2- 3/8″ diameter to match the existing Trail Rated badge size already decorating a lot of Jeeps that hit the road and the trails. We have a few ways that you can reach out to us but we recommend that you hop on over to our Instagram account and check out some of our work where you can also message us directly and we can get started on your design! If you don’t have Instagram that’s perfectly fine too! Use our Contact page, or you can call or text us at 870.761.7084 . Let’s discuss how we can take your Jeep Club’s Existing Logo or idea and create your own custom badge or badges for your whole Jeep or car club.

Our Jeep badges are a 2 3/8″ diameter badge so they match up nicely to all the OEM Jeep badges, eg. Trail Rated, Dessert Rated, etc.